Deeper Learning and Speciality Workshops

All employees that attend the foundational workshop are eligible to participate in the Deeper Learning and Specialty Workshops offered by OES. If you took the 5-hour workshop in person before March 13th, 2020, OR you completed the 4 Modules on this platform since May 21st, 2020, then you are eligible.

OEA’s Deeper Learning and Specialty Workshops are only available for those who have completed the foundational Implicit Bias Awareness workshop. These recurring, stand-alone, and series-based workshops are designed to deepen learning around equity and access.

New workshops are opening up all the time, and we receive many requests for new workshops and topics. Click Here to Register, or email us at to request a workshop for your school or team.

Affinity Groups

Session Description: An affinity group is a natural way for humans to organize and are as old as humanity. What the myriad of benefits of Employee Resource Groups. We participate in affinity groups all throughout our lives but we get nervous when we break up into official affinity groups divided by race. What are the ethical and legal considerations around affinity groups and how can they all help us understand race and gender and more?

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After Implicit Bias Awareness: Next Steps

Session Description: As a follow up to the foundational IB workshop, this session focuses on sharing frameworks and tools to further the development of the ‘mirror and window lenses’. Guided reflection through frameworks and protocols to help participants craft commitments and build out personal and team plans to mitigate the effects of implicit bias.

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Ancestral Trauma, Resilience and Wisdom: Impact on Health and Healing

Session Description: What are all the ways that racial trauma is experienced? How do racial reenactments, videos of killings, micro/macro aggressions impact the body and mind? What are the resiliencies involved in survival, cultural and historical wisdom that we have today, and how do we bring these into schools and equity teams?

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CRSE + Supportive Environment Framework

Session Description: Teachers and supervisors of teachers dialogue to explore the relationship of social structure and change to education; social background and student performance; a teacher’s relational capacity and gatekeeping behaviors; the strategic, structural, and personal tensions related to change in education.

Dates: First Tuesdays, 1-2:30 pm

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Decolonizing Therapy

Session Description: In what ways does our practice of counseling and advocating for students and clients cause oppression? How can we improve our therapeutic interventions with anti-oppression in mind?

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Language and Power

Session Description: Introduction to the Practice of Critical Discourse Analysis; skills development in the use of the dialogical tools of active listening, perspective-taking, slowing down, individuating, collaborative sense-making, collective problem-solving in the context of bias, prejudice, discrimination, power, equity, and privilege.

Dates: 3rd Tuesdays 12-1:30 pm

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Launching School Equity Teams

Session Description: This workshop is designed to support school leaders and their thought partners with an overview of the goals and structures of a school-based equity team. We will answer these questions together: What does an equity team do? Who should be on an equity team? How does an equity teamwork together over time? What does an equity team look like in action? What is your school’s level of readiness for school equity work?

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Leading with Inclusivity
(Central Managers & Leaders only)

Session Description: The Leading with Inclusivity Workshop, led by the Office of Organizational Effectiveness (ODE), prepares managers and leaders with skills to lead their teams and offices with a more inclusive and equitable mindset. The session will operationalize the Leading with Inclusivity guide, while also taking a deeper dive into implicit bias.

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Introduction to Race and Racism

Session Description: How can the nation’s largest public school system norm around a shared understanding of race and racism? After developing a foundational understanding of implicit bias, let’s add historical context, make connections, and define terms around race and racism to build on our collective ability to adopt an explicitly anti-racist lens.

Dates: Second Tuesdays, 1-3 pm

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Introduction to Sex and Gender

Session Description: Participants will explore the status differences between the sexes and genders; cross-cultural comparisons; gender role socialization, cultural stereotypes, discrimination; gender roles and status in the family, economy, religion, science, other social institutions; deviance, victimization, and gender; recent social changes.

Dates: 3rd Wednesdays, 12-1:30 pm

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