School and Central Office Employees

Our ideas and beliefs come from a variety of sources to form stories that shape our identities. Through storytelling we create personal connections, build community, form a lens through which we see the world, and shape social norms. In this module, learn how the stories we tell ourselves and each other impact individual relationships and society. Start the module.


School and Central Office Employees

In advancing equity, we often use a mirrors and windows metaphor to describe the stories we develop to reflect our identities, perspectives, and culture. Mirrors reflect things that are familiar to us while windows validate our ideas about ourselves and the world. In this module, learn how our windows and mirrors can impact critical consciousness and expand our perspective in a diverse world. Start the module.


School and Central Office Employees

Brain science shows us that most of our actions occur without conscious thought so that we can function quickly in a complex world. This means that we are often unaware of our internal biases and how those biases shape our attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. In this module, learn the meaning of implicit bias and its impact on our relationships, institutions, and culture. Start the module.


The Office of Equity and Access has recently moved Modules 1-3 from our website, to our new home at WeLearnNYC on February 16, 2022. Moving forward all participants must register and complete the steps for Modules 1-4 on that platform. Thus, these Module 4 offerings are ONLY for those who completed modules 1-3 on our website sometime between January 2021-January 2022 and have awaited a Module 4 date. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email and additional email with the Zoom information 24-hours prior to the session. By registering, you are committing to your attendance.
***Please advise that the 90-minute Module 4 sessions must have a minimum of 20 registrants to go live. If the session falls below that number, it will be canceled. Registrants will be notified about any cancellation 24 hours before the scheduled session, and they will be encouraged to apply for another open session.***


Click to Schedule Facilitated Live Virtual Training (all DOE central-based employees)*

*If you are a central employee, Module 4 workshops will be facilitated by the Office of Organizational Development Talent & Culture (ODTC).